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Our dream: a safe, caring and permanent family for every child!

Family Power is a joint initiative of nine Dutch NGOs and their international partner NGOs spread over four continents. With an extensive research and communication program, these relatively small organisations want to show together how vulnerable children can still grow up in a safe, caring and permanent family.

Worldwide, more than 6 million children live in institutions such as orphanages and many more are at risk of losing their family. Of 80-90% of children in institutions, one or both parents are still alive. 

Family-based care offers a solution. 

Our programs 

A child's development is best in his or her family and community. They even have that right! There is a great alternative and that needs to be shared around the globe. Family Power's organizations work from family-based care. This allows children to grow up at home. During the program the participants’ experiences are captured in an international study with the aim of inspiring and guiding other NGOs and donors towards a model of family-based care.

The Movement

Family Power is not an isolated initiative. We are an inspiring and activating part of a larger international Movement. Together we want to bring about a change. A change to care for vulnerable children in their own family and community. Family Power sees this Movement as an open partnership with national and international network partners. Our approach is based on practice and 'being the change'. This allows Family Power to have a role as an innovative catalyst in the Movement.

The smallest community in the world is the family. When we strengthen the family we strenghten the whole world.

Meet our nine collaborating organisations!

“Our expectation is to learn and share around the whole world for a better development of the children!”
– Wein Peter Nyasi, director Share to Grow Tanzania

Family Power is a joint initiative of nine Dutch NGOs and their international partner NGOs. During this 1,5 years research and communication project they will share their experiences in a structured way and will make visible HOW vulnerable children can still grow up in family and community. The ultimate common goal: helping more children grow up in a family successfully!

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Family-based care is possible!

December 9, 2022

December, the month of reflection and warmth. Unfortunately, a warm and loving situation is not the reality for everyone. And that is exactly what the power of having a family can bring. In this newsletter we share news about the videos and awareness campaigns by the Family Power participants and the progress within the Mutual Learning Program. We also reveal a bit about the continuation of Family Power next year.

Change is possible!

September 21, 2022

As part of her practical research, Family Power coordinator Anne Vijverberg visited local partner COLT in Cambodia and DLFF in Sri Lanka. Touched by the work of these organizations, she shares some impressions of her visit. Her most prominent observation was that change actually proves to be possible! 

Launch Mutual Learning Program!

June 27, 2022

The Mutual Learning Program is live! In co-creation with Wilde Ganzen, Transform Africa Alliance, Kanankil and Hope and Homes for Children, Family Power has developed a unique learning program. Are you or do you know an organization that provides family-strengthening and/or alternative care for vulnerable children and is interested in mutual transformation to high-quality family and community care? You are most welcome to participate in the pilot program starting September 2022!

Working sector-wise to professionalize international youth and child care

May 31, 2022

On 24 May, Family Power and its Dutch network partners Wilde Ganzen, Better Care Netwerk Nederland (BCNN), Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Partin, Radboud University and SOS Children's Villages met at the Ministry in The Hague. There is a great need for professionalization of youth and child care worldwide in which the child is central.  

Changemakers enable family-based care!

November 19, 2021

Coordinator Anne visited three of the nine international partners in October and November. Acodeta (Tanzania), KidsCare (Kenya) and Macheo (Kenya) work on the African continent. Anne encountered great drive and expertise of the team members during the visit. Through their work they show that family-based care is indeed possible!

The story of Susantha

October 15, 2021

Susantha was born with autism and lives with his mother in the green scenery of Sri Lanka. There is a big taboo on having a disability. His mother did not know how to take care of the boy. 

Working together to care for children in families!

October 12, 2021

Worldwide, over six million children live in institutions such as orphanages. And that while 300 convincing studies point out the negative effects of growing up outside a family context. In addition, these children are often not orphans at all. Research also shows that Private Initiatives (PIs) and their local partners – with the best intentions – play an important role in the current existence of orphanages and other institutions for children. Together with our network partners we believe change is possible! 

(Dutch) Family Power vol energie van start gegaan

May 13, 2021

Na bijna een jaar vol voorbereiding is Family Power in februari 2021 officieus van start gegaan. Maar liefst negen particuliere initiatieven en hun lokale partners waren het eens over een omvangrijk projectplan. Diverse adviseurs bestaande uit deskundigen en netwerkpartners worden actief betrokken bij het project. Samen, ieder vanuit eigen kracht en belangstelling, kunnen we de stevige ambitie van Family Power realiseren. Maar liefst zes werkgroepen draaien op volle toeren en we kunnen concluderen dat Family Power met een flinke dosis capaciteit en enthousiasme van start is gegaan. 

Our networkpartners:

Every child needs a family.

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