Reflecting on progression


Last week, the international team of Family Power came together digitally to reflect on the 2.5 years of international cooperation. One of the participants shared: “For me, Family Power is about the creation of endless possibilities: rich conversations with beautiful people from all over the world”.

If Family Power has shown anything, it is that family-based care is possible in many situations. The Family Power team has worked together intensively for 2.5 years and is proud of the results. As images speak louder than words, please take a look at the key message of Family Power and the work of the participating organizations in the following 1-minute video:

We proudly present our case study research

Together with Radboud University, a case study was conducted into the working methods and experiences of the Family Power participants. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the research and its interesting findings. Read the take home messages & recommendations here:

  1. Family-based care training programs, peer-to-peer learning programs, awareness programs and advocacy programs form drivers to opt for a family-based care approach. Invest in this!
  2. As a care practitioner, invest in relationships and cooperation with the local community (families, government, community members and local organizations). Invest in personal relationships, be physically present in the area of work, make the mutual benefits clear and keep the dialogue going (in which listening is key).
  3. Invest in the competencies of social workers (e.g. relationship building skills and ability to address the red cause) and organization structure (i.e. be able to adapt to the family needs). Ensure donor engagement through dialogue and involve them in decision making.
  4. Family-based care is not always easy, but the cases show that in many situations it is possible!

Mutual Learning; a train that cannot be stopped!

The developments within Mutual Learning are almost impossible to keep up with. This month we are completing the second program with more than 20 participants from all over the world. In May, we held a session for former participants of Family Power and Mutual Learning about Child Participation. There is also a lot of external interest in the programs working method, which made that we are currently working on a publication and video.

Last but not least: in September a new Mutual Learning Program will start. Information meetings about the new program will be held on July 19th (this week!) and August 9th. For more information and registration, visit or download the flyer.

Think tank Child and Welfare for the Dutch development sector 

Family Power also works on collaboration in the Netherlands. The consultations with the Dutch development sector have proved successful. The organizations now work together as Think tank Child and Welfare. Two think tank seminars have already taken place this year.

In January, the group consisting of care practitioners, policy makers and researchers came together to discuss the subject of children with disabilities. Last June there was a seminar about child participation. Mutual Learning shared the findings from its session on child participation here. This turned out to be a great addition of international practical experience to the seminar program. A third seminar will be organized later this year.

The future of Family Power

Family Power’ spirit which is full of endless possibilities should not get lost. We will ensure that Family Power's activities are embedded in a sustainable form. By the end of 2023, we expect to integrate Family Power with Mutual Learning to complete the circle. To be continued!

We are pleased to share with you that our next Mutual Learning Program will start February 2023!

Every child needs a family.

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