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Strengthening cross-border cooperation to improve protection and care for children worldwide

A child's development is best in his or her family and community. They even have that right! Yet at least 6 million children worldwide  live in institutions such as orphanages. Of 80-90% of these children, one or both parents are still alive. There is a great alternative and that needs to be shared around the globe.

Family Power's nine experienced NGOs want to show HOW vulnerable children can still grow up in a safe, caring and permanent family through a research and communication project. All organizations share their experiences to learn from each other. The case research is supported by Radboud University and captures the learning lessons and best practices as input for an inspiring awareness campaign and training and consultancy program. 

Family-based care 

Family-based care allows children to stay with their original (or extended) family. If separation from the family cannot be prevented, then children can be placed in an alternative family, preferably within his or her community.

International research

Many years of fruitful research have led to a clear picture of ‘why’ children benefit from growing up in a family. In addition, much is known about ‘what’ good care alternatives are. Despite this, many children still grow up without a family. Many organizations want to but do not know 'how' to apply family-based care. The organizations of Family Power have extended experience with this. In the international research they share their experience to show HOW family-based care can be used in practice.

Awareness program

The ‘how’ question is relevant to a bigger audience. Through a vibrant informative campaign based on tangible data and above all full of inspiring local field stories Family Power will demonstrate to fellow organizations and donors that good family-based care alternatives have been developed. 

Training and consultancy program

The 9 international partners want to translate the acquired knowledge translated into a training and consultancy program. The goal of the program is to generate reflections and share practical knowhow and tools amongst other international NGOs.

Every child needs a family.

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