The participating organisations

Many differences but united by one message

Family Power is a powerful and unique collaboration alliance between nine Dutch NGOs and their international partner NGOs. Together they facilitate a family-based project or program that is brought in for the research. The diversity in the participants is large. The organizations are spread over four continents with a time difference of no less than 13 hours. And so there are many more differences in life and work. But we are united by one message: every child needs a family! That unites us and will guide us to show together HOW care in family and community is possible. 

The participants are engaged in various types of activities. From social, educational, medical and economic perspectives, among other things, family-based care is implemented. A common denomer is the belief in work and organization and being proud of it. In addition, there is plenty of eagerness to exchange the experience and learn from each other.

FF The Netherlands

DLFF Sri Lanka

DCF The Netherlands

DCF Ecuador

Macheo The Netherlands

Macheo Kenya

YSE The Netherlands

PWM Indonesia

COLT The Netherlands

COLT Cambodia

SOFT The Netherlands

CFEI Ukraine

KidsCare The Netherlands

KidsCare Kenya

Westerlaken The Netherlands

YBB Indonesia

Tan-Kids The Netherlands

Share to Grow Tanzania

Acodeta Tanzania

The project organization

Simple and transparant

The Family Power organization is simple and transparent. The international partner NGOs are central to the project organization. On the other side there is a steering committee with corresponding Dutch NGOs. A group of advisors with experts and network partners is continuously informed and is asked for advice on the various project levels. The project coordinator is the operational project leader. As the diagram shows, she is the spider in the web.

Family Power stands for an ‘open and free’ collaboration. Time is scarce in a sector characteristic of its voluntary nature. Everyone is given the space to contribute in a suitable way. Various working groups have been set up for the practical elaboration of the project. The participating organisations and advisors participate in a specific working group based on their expertise, time and interest. 

Current working groups:
1.  Project management
2.  Case study
3.  Family-based care
4.  Awareness and communication
5.  Training and consultancy
6.  Fundraising

The Movement

We believe that you get further together 

Family Power together is not an isolated initiative. We are an inspiring and activating part of a larger international movement. Together we want to bring about a change. A change to care for vulnerable children in their own family and community. Family Power sees this Movement as an open partnership with national and international network partners. Our approach is based on practice and 'being the change'. This allows Family Power to have a role as an innovative catalyst in the Movement.

Every child needs a family.

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