Working sector-wise to professionalize international youth and child care


On 24 May, Family Power and its Dutch network partners Wilde Ganzen, Better Care Netwerk Nederland (BCNN), Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Partin, Radboud University and SOS Children's Villages met at the Ministry in The Hague. There is a great need for professionalization of youth and child care worldwide in which the child is central.  

There is a great need for professionalization of youth and child care worldwide in which the child is central. A need for good care for children, preferably in their own family and if that does not work in an alternative family or a (temporary) institution. A safe and loving place where they can develop their talents. Research shows that Private Development Initiatives (PDIs) are an important player in this global transition. We are proud to say the PDI was fully represented during the meeting.

During the meeting parties shared great initiatives such as the Mutual Learning Program of Family Power and Wilde Ganzen and the toolkits of the Better Care Network Netherlands. The possible cooperation with embassies and donors was also discussed. From the conversation it became evident that a movement has slowly been set in motion to strengthen the transition to every child growing up at family. There is a lot of attention for the bottom-up aspect within this movement.

Above all, it unanimously emerged that there is a need to deepen knowledge and cooperation, and to further broaden to the entire sector of international cooperation that is committed to vulnerable children. This collaboration has been given an initial form of a Think Tank. Every four months, the group (in a broader context for which the invitations are currently running) will organise seminars to discuss new developments, challenges, opportunities, legislation, standards, guidelines, good practice examples and more. A fantastic development for which Wilde Ganzen will take the lead and that all parties are very much looking forward to! For Family Power this is an important step in the sustainability of our activities. The next meeting is scheduled for September.


Every child needs a family.

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