New chapter: Family Power - Mutual Learning 


The time has come, a new phase has begun. Family Power has officially transitioned into Family Power – Mutual Learning. In January 2024, the six organizations forming the new board signed the collaboration agreement. The team aims to bring together many care providers and stakeholders to inspire and mutually transform towards high-quality family and community-based care. This is crucial because every child deserves the strength of a family! We expect to provide more than 100 caregivers annually with the inspiring sessions of Mutual Learning 


Three years of Family Power

We look back on three special years of collaboration. Nine Dutch private initiatives and their nine international partner organizations, spread across seven countries and four continents, joined forces under the name Family Power. Together, they worked on an exchange program, a case study research, and the creation of more awareness about the possibilities of family-based care. We all experienced the strength of collaboration. An experience never to be forgotten.

Family Power - Mutual Learning

DCF Ecuador, KidsCare Kenya, Wilde Ganzen, Hope and Homes for Children, Transform Alliance Africa, and Kanankil Institute together form the board of Family Power – Mutual Learning. The execution team is strengthened by highly motivated partners (including COLT). The fourth Mutual Learning Program has just kicked off with 50 participants from 27 countries! There is significant interest in the program, indicating the need to continue. The team is ready and has much more in store for 2024. Do you want to stay informed about the activities of Family Power – Mutual Learning? Or do you want to participate in one of the programs? Visit and subscribe to the newsletter.

Presentation of research at Nieuwspoort 

Family Power's research had a special place during the Think Tank seminar in November 2023. The seminar took place at Nieuwspoort in The Hague for organizations active in the international child care sector. Family Power coordinator Anne shared the outcomes of the Family Power research, sparking thoughtful discussions during the dialogue round. The research provides a valuable and inspiring foundation for sector representatives. Together, we must elevate child and youth care on the (political) agenda and strive for local solutions in families and communities.

How are the Family Power participants doing now? 

In addition to the active role of some participants in Family Power – Mutual Learning, one thing is certain: the organizations are not standing still! We'd like to share a selection of the positive developments with you:

> COLT was able to completely close its shelter in Cambodia in December 2023. Every child now has a new home while COLT maintains contact during the reintegration process.
> DCF: Inspired by the community project of PWM in Indonesia and KidsCare in Kenya, DCF started a community project in Ecuador this year to prevent violence against children.
> DLFF decided, inspired by Soft Tulip, to start focusing on prevention and Early Childhood Intervention in collaboration with the Sri Lankan government.
> KidsCare has intensified its search for equal collaboration with the community and families participating in the programs. For KidsCare, they are no longer just beneficiaries but partners working together for improvements.
> Macheo has a new managing director and continues tirelessly with a wide range of services in Thika, Kenya.
> Soft Tulip and CFEII are involved in establishing 16 new Early Childhood Intervention teams in Ukraine. With a total of 41 teams, they are assisting over 5,000 families with young children facing developmental challenges!
> Tan-Kids and Acodeta trained 14 community members to conduct their own community workshops in Tanzania. Themes such as "community parenting" and "better parenting" have sparked a wave of awareness among hundreds of participants.
> YSE and PWM started a mother-child house in Indonesia, where they can stay temporarily when extra care is needed during a hospitalization.
> Westerlaken/ Yayasan Bali Bersih ran their 'Stop Orphanages' campaign in 2023. As a result of the campaign, an organization overseeing 18 orphanages in Indonesia committed to a gradual closure, opting for reunification programs.


Every child needs a family.

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