Training and consultancy program

We believe in a sustainable learning effect

The 9 international partners want to translate the acquired knowledge translated into a training and consultancy program. The goal of the program is to generate reflections and share practical knowhow and tools amongst international NGOs in order to enable more vulnerable children to grow up in family and community. 

Specific goals 
1.    A general training program - including the development of strategies for de-institutionalisation by participants based on dialogue and collaboration practices 
2.    Consultancy activities – providing technical support to organisations that want to make the organisational transformation towards family-based care

Internal training program
An internal training program will first be carried out among the participating international partners of Family Power. The expertise of the organisations varies widely. This makes it possible to draw up a programme in which the organisations coach each other in areas where they want to develop. This program runs from September 2021 to March 2022.

“I hope that later on I can be equipped with more knowledge about giving help to the children who are in need, so my target groups benefit best from this international team.”
– Piseth Sam, COLT Cambodia

Formal training and consultancy program 
After completion of the internal program, the knowledge and tools gained will be translated into an official training program for external international NGOs. Issues such as reorganisation towards family-based care, network development, inclusion and advocacy will be addressed. This way we work on the sustainable dissemination of the accumulated knowledge and practical experience.

Every child needs a family.

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