A safe and loving family for every child is possible 

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A safe and loving family for every child is possible if our system would offer the right family-based support. Unfortunately that is not the reality.

  • Worldwide, over 6 million children live in institutions such as orphanages. They miss the power of growing up in a family.
  • Half of the children worldwide do not have access to education, healthcare, nutrition, housing and/or water.
  • Half of the children worldwide experiences physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect.

This is a worldwide violation of children’s rights as, according to the UN, each child is entitled to parental care, protection, education and other basic needs.  

How can we change this?

We are Family Power, a collaboration between care practitioners working in 4 continents and 7 countries around the world. Our organizations work with family-based care for vulnerable children in challenging conditions. We empower families to create a good living environment for their children. Our experiences with family-based care are captured in short videos and a case study research. What our stories show, is that it is not always easy, but for sure is possible!

Be part of the change and learn together with us!

Have a look at our videos and research, and get inspired by our approach and activities. Learn about transforming from residential care to family-based care. See how the family of Phalla and Phally is empowered, enabling them to live at home now. How foster care worked out for Esther. And how important communities are for the protection of children. Share your experiences with us and become part of this movement!  ....... (+ MLP benoemen)

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Watch the videos

Watch the videos by the Family Power participants here. 

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Mutual Learning Program

Are you part of an organisation interested in family and community-based care? Would you like to know more about the transition process by exchanging experiences and ideas with other care practitioners and NGOs? We would love to meet you during one of our programs!

Mutual Learning believes in connecting care practitioners worldwide to inspire each other and mutually transform towards high quality family and community based care. We facilitate collaboration, dialogue and the exchange of experiences with an international community, via a digital platform and 6-month Mutual Learning Program.

Within the six-month program, know-how, practical experiences and challenges are being shared. Instead of a top-down approach, telling people what to do and how to do it, the participants are invited to think together to shape ideas. The program works according to the philosophy of collaboration and dialogue. 

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Case study research: different ways to make family-based care possible!

Family Power (with support from Radboud University) conducted a case study research into the experiences and lessons learned of nine small-scale local care practitioners working with family-based care for vulnerable children in seven countries worldwide. 

Read about the experiences and lessons learned of our organizations: 

download summary of the research
or download the full report

Other great initiatives 

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Every child needs a family.

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